DermRenew 7 Color LED Face Mask, Wireless LED Photon Mask with 540 Titanium Micro Needle Derma Roller, Protective Eye Goggles and Carry Bag, Reusable Facial Skin Care Mask


✅ SPA QUALITY SKINCARE SET: Each pack comes with a LED photon mask with 7 different colors each with a unique effect along with protective eye goggles to keep your eyes safe. We’ve also included a 540 titanium micro needle facial roller to help you give your skin the extra care it needs to stay soft and supple. ✅ 7 DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS: Our LED light face mask uses 7 different light colors to help provide your skin with a wide variety of benefits. The non-heat producing LED’s penetrate your skin to help promote firmer, softer skin and reduce the visibility of signs of aging. ✅ PROMOTE SOFT & SMOOTH SKIN: The LED light face mask coupled with the titanium needle facial roller helps give your skin a wakeup call by penetrating deep without causing any irritation to promote skin firmness and elasticity to help reduce wrinkles and support smoothness. ✅ WIRELESS & EASY TO CARRY: Whether it’s your bed, couch, chair, or sofa, our wireless face light mask with controller allows you to comfortably use it anywhere and anytime you want. Thanks to the soft yet sturdy carry bag you can easily pack it all up and take along with you on all your travels and trips. ✅ SIMPLE & EASY TO USE: You can use the LED photon mask on all skin types and it’s simple to use. Unlike the rest, our facial mask can be reused multiple times to give your skin more support without causing any irritation. Your purchase is backed by our 1 Year Customer Satisfaction Warranty because we stand by our products.
Give Your Skin The Care It Deserves With DermRenew 7 Color Wireless LED Photon Face Mask & Titanium Needle Derma Roller! Finding the time to give your skin the care and pampering it deserves in daily life can be hard which is why we designed this LED light facial mask to provide you with a comfortable way to help promote smooth and soft skin. The microneedle roller, when used properly, can help reduce visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin while promoting a bright, glowing complexion. It can be used with other skincare serums and creams to let them penetrate deeper and enhance their effect. Sturdy, Simple & Ideal For Daily Use DermRenew wireless LED photon mask is designed for use at home and on the go. This is why we use durable yet lightweight PC-ABS material to make sure it’s sturdy enough to handle daily use without bending to provide long term use. Our facial LED mask uses 150 LED lights with 5 levels of intensity to emit 7 different colored lights, each with its own unique effect that you can easily adjust with the remote. Simply use it 15 – 30 minutes for 3 – 5 times a week to help improve skin color and texture. More Features You’ll Love: - Durable build offers more heat resistance and doesn’t easily bend like the rest - The adjustable strap provides a comfortable fit while making sure the mask stays in place - Derma roller helps promote bouncy, bright and soft skin, ideal for use with skin serums - It’s safe for all skin types and doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, UV Rays, or harsh materials - The wireless design allows you to comfortably use it at home and on the go - Comes with protective goggles to keep your eyes safe when you use it Package Includes: 1 x LED Wireless Photon Mask 1 x Titanium Needle Derma Roller 1 x Protective Goggles 1 x Carry Bag


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